Mosaic Regional Pond Design (March–December 2005) P-21 Stormwater Management Project (2007-2008) P-21 Wetland Pumping Station (2014-2015) Water Balance Verifications (2008-2016) ISSMP Reports (2007-2016) RO Plant Design and Partial QA/QC (August 2008-June 2009) Closed Stack Reports (2011-2016) Annual Inspection Reports (2013-2016) Heat Evaporation CIP Project (2013) Process Water Pipeline Sliplining (2010) Sulfur MCC Building (2015) Acid Cleanup Area Cleanup Project (2015) Stormwater Entrance Improvement Project (2013) Heat Evaporation Pumping Project (2012) Secondary Containment Project (2013) Stormwater Sysytem Study and Report (2014-2015) New Process Water Pump Station (2015-2016) Gypsum Booster Seal Water Pumping Tank / Station (2014)   Progress Energy / Duke Energy Project Management (2008-2016) Return Water Pump Stand Project (2013) Structural Assesment (2012) Moretrench TECO - Sea Wall Repairs (March–April 2006) TECO - Industrial Parking Lot (May–December 2006) TECO - Sump/Sheet Piling Design (January–March 2007) TECO - Sea Wall Repairs (November 2007) Diesel Tank Installation: (May 2009) Industrial Office Complex/Road Design: January- May 2008 TECO - Gypsum Stack QA/QC (2014-2015)
Comanco Eastern Water Reclamantion Facility Reject Pond Lining (2015-2016) North Central Landfill Dewatering Plan (2016) KC Industries Sediment Transfer & Closure Plan (2012-2014) Coronet  Quality Assurance Quality Control (February– August 2007) SATCO Sulfuric Acid Load out Station: (June – October 2009)
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